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  • murraygm


    Designer, thinker, tinkerer.

  • Andrew Coyle

    Andrew Coyle

    Building @mockvisual (YC S19) • Formerly @Flexport @Google @Intuit • Interested in platforms

  • Yuri Gordon

    Yuri Gordon

  • Slava Shestopalov

    Slava Shestopalov

    Design Manager at Eleks Berlin eleks.com, public speaker, author of the 5 a.m. Magazine medium.com/5-a-m 🇺🇦🇩🇪

  • Taras Bakusevych

    Taras Bakusevych

    I help businesses design great experiences www.windmillsmartsolutions.com. Sharing what I learned.

  • Andrew Shapiro

    Andrew Shapiro

    Interaction Designer, Art Director at http://Byndyusoft.com

  • Jason Pamental

    Jason Pamental

    designer, tinkerer, typographer, speaker. http://rwt.io, author:Responsive Typography (bit.ly/rwtbook). walker of @aProperCollie & @inImproperCollie

  • Серёжа Плащинский

    Серёжа Плащинский

    Ведущий дизайнер Авито | t.me/webdesignbasics

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